Misty bubble

Thick mist surrounded me on my walk today. Mist can feel quite oppressive. Today’s walk I know well and the mist gave it a very cosy, intimate feeling, a different perspective. Sounds were somewhat muffled, views had disappeared or lost their sharp edges and light was dimmed. However there was the very clear musical sound of droplets of water tickling the leaves on the trees and the sudden, overwhelming movement of a bird, taking off, flapping its wings in its flight. A meeting with a rather aggressive dog added some spectacle and loud barking in this subdued environment. We continued our walk and very soon we were again in this quiet, misty bubble… Maybe it was all a metaphor for life sometimes.


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Love to share what I am creating through words, with paint, through weaving or any other media. Being creative is the experience and expression of this life. I hope it enriches your life too!

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    • Thank you. I just write what bubbles up in me. It is important for me to do that. If it means something for someone else, then that is a lovely bonus. Have a lovely evening…

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