two years (written word)

Today is a day of loss, commemorating loss, the loss of my mother.

Today -two years ago- after a turbulent night, she did not open her eyes anymore, to never ever open them again.

This is a day to remember love, what it means to lose someone you love, to really feel it, to grieve.

The grief is not about death as such, death is part of life and is a natural happening. The grief is about missing. I miss her voice, the familiar phrase she used when answering the phone, my favourite dishes she used to prepare every time I went ‘home’. I am missing her presence, not being able to show her that I love her, smiling and laughing together, missing our little walks and talks, missing going for ‘a waffle’ and chatting together, in the evening sitting together watching her favourite TV shows.

Life is lived, death comes to all of us. The human presence I am missing though, this specific manifestation of live is no more, the sharing is dissolved. What is left are memories of presence.

My mother is no more, two years today. Today is a special day for grieving that loss. Today is also a day for celebrating life leaving the body, a liberation, a dive into freedom. A freedom that connects beyond the grave, that remembers and unites in an eternal wave.

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