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Another grey and rainy day. This used to depress me, this continuous greyness, day after day. My daily walks with the dog have changed this. I go out, walk and enjoy the beauty of any weather. Greyness takes many forms and when you are out there, you experience its many hues. Today it all felt…

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Constant change

What a difference a day makes…the sun is out, the sky is blue, there is a gentle breeze, the horses are relaxing and enjoying this wonderful sunlight. Walking every day brings home in a very enlarged way how everything is constantly changing. To witness and observe this ever changing inner and outer landscape from a…

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The art of being slow

What better than visiting these cows during my walk on this very drizzly, rainy day. Whatever the circumstances, their majestic slowness does not change. They are munching slowly, do not move their bodies fast, express their curiosity – oh they are curious beasts – in a deliberate way, even pricking up their ears happens rather…

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These lines: ‘traces of movement’ and at the same time ‘moving lines’ in themselves. Very few things are unambiguous, there are always layers, reflective layers, different meanings, there is always a beautiful complexity that one can choose to lovingly embrace.

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